Who We Are

schoolviewofdoorSince 1993, Mary, Mother of God School, an affordable, coeducational, independent school in the Catholic tradition, has been dedicated to providing an academically solid, well-balanced education in a joyful environment.  Since the autumn of 2010, with the foundation of The Francis de Sales Centre, the school has been offering a high school education as well.

Our Mission

Mary, Mother of God School is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and students are led in devotion to Our Lady as a way to God.  It is a school where teachers and students practise their faith together and grow in love for God and their fellow men and women, through prayer and through the sacraments.  The teachers strive to be genuine witnesses of Christ, are dedicated to their vocation, and are motivated by a love for their students.  It is through the intercession of Our Lady that the school seeks to provide children with a solid, well-balanced education in a joyful and loving Christian atmosphere, inspired by the educational methods of St John Bosco.

Numerous students have attended the school since its beginning.  Its former students can be found working with the elderly and the disabled, in university programs training to be nurses, architects, doctors, engineers, in college programs for mechanics, in trades, and in the performing arts.

The Commitment of Parents and Teachers

DSC 0047.NEFA dedicated staff of full-time and part-time educators teach in a close-knit atmosphere of small classes, getting to know the students as individuals and helping them to develop their confidence, their sense of themselves, and their talents in order to become the leaders of tomorrow through their character, integrity, and commitment to serving others.  Frequent, ongoing communication between educators and the students' parents supports the school in its mission.

Teachers trained at Mary, Mother of God School and those who have volunteered or who have completed internships at the school also help strengthen and renew the education of the young elsewhere by applying in other schools what they have experienced and learned here.

Christmas Craft and Bake SaleThe commitment and tireless dedication of the parents to the education of their children inspires them to contribute their time and their talents in varied ways to make the school what it is. 

Whether it is as lunch-time supervisors, as classroom assistants, helping with cleaning and maintaining the physical plant, or organizing, implementing, and assisting with fundraising projects, parents of the students can be found actively working in all aspects of school life, providing their children with an example of loving care and concern to emulate in their own lives.

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