Our Founding Principle

dsc 9873.nef-editFormation in faith is essential to the definition of education at Mary, Mother of God School. Drawing from the riches of the Catholic tradition, staff and students join in daily prayer (including the Rosary), weekly Mass, and monthly Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, and celebrate the annual cycles of the liturgical calendar.  Weekly classroom visits by our chaplain, one of the Fathers of the Toronto Oratory of St Philip Neri, help nourish the students' love for and personal connection with the Catholic Church.

Guided by the pedagogical principles of St. John Bosco, who emphasized that cultivating virtue in children requires reason, religion, and kindness, the school provides structures and incentives to help students grow in moral strength.  Rules are in place to benefit and protect the students, and are guided by Christian charity.

Through the active sacramental life and devotion to the Mother of God, the school strives to meet every student's educational needs while fostering their experience of the love and joy of childhood.


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